Thanks, Cat!

…for passing along the Stylish Blogger award to our group! Well, here are 8 things about this group:

1.  Our parent group is a Yahoo Group by the same name. It can be found here.
2.  The Copic Musketeers Yahoo Group was started in 2010 by Febe, Melanie and Danielle.
3.  The purpose of the Copic Musketeers is to encourage others to participate in group activities and USE those Copics!
4.  We host various swaps, challenges, and RAKs within the Yahoo Group itself.  Those activities are only open to group members.
5.  The Copic Musketeers blog hosts a monthly challenge with varying themes, open to anyone.  The only requirement is that Copics are used in the project’s creation.
6.  The Copic Musketeers encourages all members to share what they know, talk about what they want to learn, and share about their lives.  After all, we do want to encourage our members in Copics and more!
7.  This version of the Copic Musketeers blog started February 24, 2011.
8.  The new version of the Blog Badge is now on our sidebar.


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